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Woman Gives Solid Tips For How to Handle Fairies Should You Come Across Them

Next time you're in the forest, heed these warnings.

For some people, “fairies” are not cute winged sprites from Disney cartoons, but rather, terrifying otherworldly creatures who do not play by mortal rules. In other to keep yourself safe from any non-human entities when you’re out in the wilderness, follow these simple tips.


In the video, the woman suggests the following rules: First, if it starts to get dark, don’t whistle. Next, if you hear a sound you can’t identify, pretend that you didn’t. Similarly, if you think you hear someone calling your name, definitely act like you didn’t, and get out of there as soon as possible! And finally, don’t leave your trash in the woods. The fae do not like it, and neither does anyone else.

This sounds like pretty solid advice, for people wishing to avoid unexpected encounters, as well as those wanting to be good stewards of wild places.

In the comments section, some ask her what to do if they want to attract fairies, but most agree that attracting fairies is definitely the wrong approach. After all, you have no idea what they might want or even demand from you. Has no one read “Rip Van Winkle?”

The woman also clarifies that she’s using the word “fairies” as an umbrella term encompassing all non-human entities that may be roaming in the wilderness: be it far, skinwalker, shadow creature, Bigfoot, or other thing that might want to know why it is your invading their space, and what they can do to punish you.