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Family Catches Video of "Fairy" While Out Burning Fall Leaves

It's trying its best to camouflage...

Fairies and nature spirits have been a part of many cultures spiritual traditions since time immemorial. Sometimes they are diminutive people, such as the brownies of Irish legend or the duende of Hispanic mythology. Other times they are ethereal, graceful beings, or even tiny winged things, such as the kind made famous in the (faked) Cottingley fairies images. It is this last that most think of when they talk about “fairies” — tiny winged sprites that flit about from flower to flower, or in this case, leaf to leaf.

This woman thinks she found a fairy sprite fleeing from a pile of burning fall leaves.


In the video, a small, spinning, fluttering something appears to whirl wildly in the air over a lawn. It’s moving so quickly that it is difficult to tell what exactly the object is, though some viewers claim that when it’s paused they can make out both a head and a tail.

It certainly seems be living thing, in the way it flutters and moves. Eventually it swirls around and them comets rest, upright, in the grass.

I did my own attempts to pause the video, to slow it down and try to get a better look at the object and I believe it is nothing more than a dry autumn leaf.In certain freeze frames, its shape and coloring becomes clear. Its odd movement is probably due to the hot and cold gusts of air because of the nearby leaf fire.

Or maybe that’s just what the fairies want me to think. As one commenter said, “It’s doing a great job of camouflaging as a leaf.”