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Woman Thinks She Caught Fairy Floating In Action

Naysayers will claim it’s just a leaf, but she swears it’s something more.

Did this woman capture a fairy on camera or is it just a leaf?

This person was out burning leaves with their father when they unexpectedly caught something mysterious on camera - what appears to be a fluttering fairy! The camera stays on the creature hovering in air with wings flapping and what looks, at times, like two little legs underneath. The creature stays in flight for a few moments and then gently drifts downward before landing on a patch of grass and disappearing.


Could this be some sort of pixie or other fae folk? Many commenters believe yes, but some point to the oak leaf butterfly as a much more likely candidate. Without geographic location referenced it’s difficult to identify insect species, but the oak leaf butterfly is native to Asia making it unlikely to be the culprit in this video as it appears to be recorded in America.

There is an American butterfly that matches this description though, and that would be the common snout butterfly, Libytheana carinenta. These insects have prominent and elongated mouthparts which could be easily mistaken for legs if facing towards the ground. 

There are other more credible accounts of fairies with photographic evidence, as put forward by a university professor out of Manchester. He claims to have accidentally captured pictures of these beings while out in Rossendale Valley. He was initially shocked when he discovered these tiny anomalies after increasing his images in size and immediately went back out to take pictures of flies, gnats, and other insects for comparison purposes. These purported fairies are much tinier than the leaf-like creature fleeing burning leaves and show four appendages in addition to wings.