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Man Explains Why Some People Can and Can’t See the Fair-Folk

This is a pretty cool theory.

Many people believe the existence of ethereal beings, fairies, angels, cryptids, and aliens are all just a matter of our limited human perception. According to these theories, these creatures are always around us, but not everyone can see them. Prayer, meditation, altered mental states, or innocence can help “lift the veil” and let you have a glimpse into a rarefied, invisible world.

These idea are not new. In fact, according to this man, they are hundreds of years old, and were widely promoted at one point by the ancient order of the Rosicrucians.


In this video, the man claims to have come across an “ancient” text about the Rosicrucians in an “alchemical library” in Amsterdam. He then shares information about what this ancient secret society thought about otherworldly beings.

“If our spiritual powers of perception were fully developed, we would see this universe peopled with beings other than ourselves, and of whose existence we know nothing at present.”

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These beings exist somewhere in between the material and immaterial world, and have a nature based on the elements. Sometimes called nymphs or fairies, they can further be divided by their relation to the four elements: undines (water), sylphs (air), salamanders (fire, and not to be confused with the amphibian of the same name, but very similar to the little creature symbolizing fire in the film Frozen 2), and gnomes (earth).

In truth, the book he is quoting from is Franz Hartmann’s Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians (often published and republished under a variety of titles from the original in the 18th century up to a lavishly illustrated one in 1888, and several photographic reprints throughout the 20th century). The 1970s version can often be found at secondhand or antique stores and is certainly worth a look! We’d love a new reprint, though the text and many illustrations can easily be found online

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