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People Are Convinced Woman Is a Fairy After Magical Moth Encounter

Perhaps a fae queen walks among us.

There are some people who are super stressed out by even the thought of getting near a bug. Others are much more cool. I fall somewhere in the middle. I was entranced by the recent appearance of the periodical cicadas in my state last summer, but I have a hard time entering a room I know contains a roach.

This woman, however, has some kind of magical touch. She’s a moth whisperer. Or maybe it’s the moth who is whispering to her?


In the video, a bright-haired woman who goes by the handle of Phoenix, shows us a young Sphinx moth who has decided on a most unusual perch from which to cling and allow its wings to expand and dry: the person’s ear!

Phoenix explains that she found her dog playing with the moth and decided to rescue it from certain death, when it climbed up her arm and latched on to her ear. There it remains for several hours (during which, at one point, she also had a praying mantis on her back).

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Eventually, at bedtime, she carefully moved the moth to a tree.

“You’re a Disney princess now, I don’t make the rules,” says one viewer in the comments. “FAE QUEEN!” exclaims another.

The more entomological minded viewers had some facts to share. One explained that it was likely a female Sphinx moth, as its antenna are shaped differently than the male’s and they tend to stay in one place (like someone’s ear) and wait around for the males to show up.

But I like the fairy explanations best. Especially the commenter who wondered, “What if the reason we draw elves and fae with pointy ears is because they always have moths and butterflies clinging to them?”

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