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This DIY Willow Faerie Eye Could Help You Spot the Fae

Just remember the fae are little tricksters.

Willow has been held as a deeply magical plant across many cultures in the world. For the ancient Greeks, the willow tree was the one from which the famous musician and Underworld visitor Orpheus gained his musical ability (and the wood for his instrument). The people of the British isles revered the tree too, for its connection to dream magic and the faery realm. And in the Americas, protective hoops made of willow bark were a tradition that gave rise to the popularity of the Native American “dream catcher.”

In this video, a woman seems to borrow from many different willow-related traditions to create a window into a fairy realm.


In this video, TikTok Witch @smokeofwands wraps willow branches around a wire hoop to create a “faerie eye”, a sort of magical, hand-held looking glass she claims will help practitioners see into the world of the fairies. After creating the “magnifying glass” or handheld mirror shape out of ordinary floral wire, she cuts willow branches and wraps the pliable twigs wood around the wire. Then she decorates the resulting hoop with flowers, shiny glass and beads, and other decorations to finish it off.

She recommends “baiting” the fairies in your garden with sweet like honey or nectar, then holding the “faerie eye” up to your left eye and keeping watch for any signs of their arrival, such as flashes of light or fluttering movements.

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What to do with the fairies once you’ve spotted one? Well, if experience is anything to go by, I’d say the answer is: watch out!

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