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Woman Believes Spectacular Leaf is a Gift From the Fae

Would you keep it?

While out for a lovely autumn walk, a woman found a leaf that seemed to be staring back at her. It has two bullseye shaped splotches on it that seem unnaturally beautiful and unlike any of the surrounding leaves near it on the ground. A third series of concentric circles can be seen at the tip of the leaf, almost as if it is a third eye. Is this a gift from the fae? 

Another woman shows this strange leaf clip and explains she believes the leaf was left as a gift by the fairies for the woman who found it. She cautions people who find such tokens may still want to leave it where they found it, unless they have a particular desire to add some mischief, mayhem, and chaos to their lives that the fae are sure to bring.

Despite these warnings of the tricky nature of the fae folk, many still welcome and even seek out their friendship by creating fairy gardens or leaving small trinkets out for their fairy friends to find. It is said the littlest folk are much like children and prefer hidden nooks and crannies, tucked away from the prying eyes of foolish mortals they haven’t chosen to befriend. 

Another explanation for this beautiful patterned leaf is Cristulariella depraedans, more commonly known as “leaf spot” or “bull’s eye spot” which is a fungus that affects maples and other trees of the genus Acer. There are a handful of examples attributed to this pathogen demonstrating the the unusual concentric pattern however it seems much more common to display as unremarkable splotches that cover the entire leaf.

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