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Woman Takes Timelapse Of Garden and Is Convinced She Captured a Real Fae On Camera

Is it just a trick of the light?

In the early years of the twentieth century, in the village of Cottingley, England, a pair of girls set the nation on fire by supposedly taking a series of pictures of themselves playing with fairies in their garden. The pictures were wildly popular in the press, the plates and negatives were examined by experts, and even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes, was fascinated by these fairy photographs and what they could mean for humanity.

It’s possible we’ve been trying to recapture that magic ever since. This TikToker certainly was, when she set up a time lapse video in her garden and filmed what looks like a fairy twinkle.


She asks for advice from the “fairy experts” on TikTok, but I for one do not see fairy in this photo, just a beam of refracted light, perhaps through droplets on a cobweb. What do you see?

In the case of the Cottingley fairies, it was also a big fake. Eventually, the two girls responsible for the series, he cousins Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright, admired that most of the work, which features them alongside tiny, feminine forms in flowing dresses with giant butterfly wings, had faked the pictures using cardboard cutouts. However, during their production and subsequent fame Wright’s father scoured the entire household for any sign of these cutouts. However, they each maintained until their deaths that they really did play with fairies in the garden, and that the fish and final photograph, which featured the creatures on their own and was far more ethereal than the others, was the real deal.

So maybe, even if there aren’t pictures of this garden fairy, it’s still there in some form.