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Folklore Expert Asks AI What the Fae Look Like and the Results Are Pretty Shocking

They look nothing like Tinkerbell.

The latest trend sweeping TikTok is to run code on an A.I. painting bot and “ask it” to draw various things based on the parameters you read it. Depending on its coding, the machine will create a digital painting predicated on particular artist’s styles. Some folks are having a lot of fun with this, mashing up celebrities’ faces or turning their favorite quotes or song titles into beautiful or bizarre digital paintings. In this case, a folklore expert trains the artificial intelligence app based on what she understands about fairies, to pain them in their “original” and “human disguise” modes. The results are gorgeous, but not remotely gentle. 


“My favorite AIs are Wonder, Dream by Wombo, and the best one is Midjourney but it’s not in the App Store,” says Piper CJ, an author and folklorist. She says that sometimes it takes dozens of prompts to “code” the A.I. to manifest the image she’s looking for, but other times it’s a perfect match right away.

“My entire page, as a folklorist, is about respecting and staying safe from the dangers of the fae and misunderstanding them,” says C.J., who isn’t looking for her robot artist to make fairies seem cuddly.

“Was that Chris Hemsworth?” One commenter asks as the images fly by. “Maybe the A.I. knows something we don’t about him,” CJ replies.

Piper CJ’s legions of TikTok fans are charmed by her efforts. “Fully expected you to just post a selfie and I don’t know why.”