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Woman Claims Eye Color Has "Spiritual Significance"

Hmmm, seems sus.
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I am immediately suspect of any spiritual method which purports to ascribe personality traits, fate, destiny, or other characteristic to a physical feature of a human being. Sure, palm reading is fun and all, but once you start ascribing characteristics to the shape, color, size, etc of a human being’s features, you’re headed down a slippery slope. It’s probably best to leave these kind of practices, like phrenology (ascribing characteristics to the bumps on a person’s skull), or physiognomy (ascribing personality traits to various facial characteristics) in the historical garbage bin, as they led to widespread practices of racism and eugenics.

Nevertheless, many TikTokers seem to be reinventing this stuff on the fly. Take this lady, who ascribes various traits and fates to people…. according to eye color, which is one of the genetic markers most people learn about in grade school.

In this video she makes claims like “brown-eyed people have been reincarnated so many times” and “gray-eyed people are very wise” (perhaps a reference to the notoriously gray-eyed goddess of wisdom, Athena?)

Of note: somewhere between fifty and eighty percent of the world population has brown eyes, whereas only eight to ten percent of the world population has blue eyes, primarily those of European descent.

But if you listen to her spiel, she’s kind of saying the same thing about each eye color. All those reincarnations brown-eyed people supposedly have gives them experience “to help others” nd blue eyed people “know so many things and take the knowledge that they’ve learned to help others.” The gray-eyed folks “are wise beyond their years” (as are blue-eyed people). Green-eyed people have been put on Earth to “do something that will impact the world on a greater level” but their “nurturing” qualities are echoed by hazel-eyed folks, who are healers and shamans…

So, we’re all here to share knowledge, help others, and make the world a better place? Okay then.

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