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Witch Shares Her Favorite Spell for Exposing a Liar

Peel back the layers of BS with this “efficient” spell.

Everyone has been lied to, and betrayal is a particular type of injury that psychologists say can hurt you worse than more direct forms of attack. Lying hurts your twice — first because it breaks the trust that you put in the other person and secondly because of whatever pain or injury is caused by the false narrative that has been created.

There is a third type of injury borne of lies — the knowledge that sometimes, even when the person’s lies are uncovered, they still get away with whatever it was they gained by the lie. Though many people pin their hopes on the “karma bus” eventually coming for the liar, nothing in life is guaranteed.

But this TikTok Witch has a magical remedy for uncovering the liars in your life and striking back in the name of justice.


In this video, TikTok witch Jada Le Fae recommends carving a liar’s name into an onion skin, then peeling the onion, layer by layer, exposing the network of lies they have crafted. It’s okay if you cry during this process—the liar hurt you!. When you are done, gather up the onion pieces and return them to nature (say, a compost pile), where they can rot, along with the perpetrator’s deceptions.

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Good riddance!

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