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Everyone's a Little Bit Psychic, and You Have One of Four Main Psychic Abilities

Which one do you have?

Many people believe that everyone is a little bit psychic. You can learn what your own latent psychic abilities are with a bit of meditation and exploration. Your abilities might not even seem supernatural to you, but rather, a simple “feeling” or “knack” that you have never given a second thought. However, with training and concentration, you might be amazed at the way your talent can grow.

The first step, however, is determining which of the four main psychic abilities you possess. Ready to start?

In this video, a woman explains how to tell which of the main psychic abilities you naturally have, based on traits you probably already possess.

Clairvoyant people have vivid imaginations and intense dreams. They may see shadows in the corner of their eyes or daydream a lot.

Clairaudient folks are probably really used to talking to themselves. They can also experience high-pitched rising in their ears, which might be a sign of a message coming through.

If your psychic gift is clairsentience, you have “hunches.” You may be prone to getting goosebumps, or have a gut feeling about someone lying.

Those with the psychic ability of claircognizance might confuse it for clairsentience, but it’s more of a mental thing than a “feeling. Answers might pop into your head out of nowhere, and you’re probably very creative.

Do not be surprised if you exhibit the traits of more than one of these abilities. After you identify your predilection, it’s up to you to start finding out how to develop them further.

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