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Invisible Entity Scares Deer on Trail Cam

The glimmer man strikes again.
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There have been several stories recently of transparent beings lurking in the woods. A group of hikers in California were recently lured off the trail and “hunted” for hours by something they could not see. Those who didn’t immediately liken the entire incident to something out of the Predator series of films began sharing their own encounters with these shimmering translucent entities, who some on the internet are calling “glimmer men.”

But it is not only humans who are meeting these things. This trail cam captures the moment that one of these things scares a deer.


In the video, a deer is feeding when it is started by a translucent, humanoid shape on the left side of the screen. Is it a ghost, out for a nightly stroll? Or is this the mysterious glimmering creature that others have encountered in the woods?

And what are these things? Go down any rabbit hole on the internet and there are plenty of theories, from Predator-like aliens to malevolent Native American spirits. Perhaps it is possible that what we think of as these disparate sorts of experiences are, in fact, the same thing after all.

Maybe UFOs aren’t from outer space, but are from some sort advanced or supernatural terrestrial group. Perhaps the reason that both UFOs and Bigfoot-like creatures are so difficult to both spot and photograph is because they, too, have these invisibility or cloaking capabilities. And maybe these strange things that folks find in the woods, the creatures no one has seen and the voices that no one should respond to, are all part of this same, massive unknown.