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Man Discovers the Entity Terrorizing Him for Months Followed Him Even After He Moved

Well now what?!

This man thought he was safe after he moved house, but the nightmare followed him. He is home alone playing music when the knocking starts. He stops the song and shouts “Hello!” The knocking seems to be coming from up the stairs, so he dashes up and catches a door repeatedly slamming all by itself. He cries out in frustration, begging the entity to reveal what it wants. He walks towards the door, frustratingly without turning on any lights. He opens the door and flicks on the lights, quickly scanning the empty room. There is nobody there. 

The man tosses some of the things in the closet around to see if anybody is hiding under it but the room is clearly empty. He begins searching all of the rooms, one by one finding them empty. He gets increasingly angry at being unable to find anybody or anything responsible. He again demands the spirit tell him what it wants.

Many commenters believe this unseen entity is attached either to the man or a cursed object he brought with him when he moved. Curses are often only discovered by these traveling paranormal events that seem to follow a person until the item changes hands, at which point the new owner or guardian will begin to experience the unexplainable events. Items most likely to be cursed will be antiques and likely valuable, as greed tends to keep people from destroying the item to remove the curse. One such famously cursed object is the inaccurately named Delhi Purple Sapphire, which is actually an amethyst and still resides at the Natural History Museum despite a long history of tragedy following it wherever it goes. 

One of the worst things one can do if being followed by a supernatural phenomenon is trying to wait them out, and the same applies to curses. If moving house didn’t work, it might be time to bring in help!

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