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Learn How To Enter Another Person's Dreams

But beware, this one is tricky!

In the recent Netflix show Sandman (based on a series of comic books by writer Neil Gaiman), there is a Lord of Dreams, named—fittingly—Dream, who is capable of creating, destroying, changing, and even entering the dreams of every living thing that has them. The story delves into his adventures and trials among the mortal humans (and sometimes cats) of Earth, particularly the danger that arises when a human is born who, like the immortal Dream, can also enter into the dreams of another. This human, in the mythology of the show, is called a “vortex,” and is capable of destroying entire universes with their unfortunate power.

It’s a chilling show, and one whose glories and nightmares are good to keep this in mind before you try this trick for entering the dreams of other people.


This video purports to share a ritual for entering another person’s dream. According to the instructions, you lie down in bed and, using either a photo or a visualization of the person whose dream you are trying to enter, you concentrate on their eyes, putting yourself in their point of view and pretending you are them.

Do this while you are falling asleep, and, as you begin to drift off, repeat the affirmation, “I will enter your dream now.”

See what happens. But beware, the Sandman is not known for dealing gently with human who mess with his domain. You may be biting off far more than you can chew.