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St. Louis Man Has Important Message For People Who Get Frustrated At Spiritual Non-Believers

He has a point.

For trans man, spiritual “lightworker” and St. Louis musician Cole Adams, becoming attuned to a higher purpose is called “waking up.” He had his own journey to a more enlightened state over the past decade, as he stopped abusing alcohol and realized “there’s so much more to life than [he’d] ever imagined.”

But though he encourages other people to follow a path of spiritual enlightenment, he has realized over time that not everyone in his life is ready to “wake up.”


“You have to have patience with them,” he says, referring to loved one who are not on the same spiritual path as you, “because they are being patient with you. Nothing you’re saying makes any sense to them,” he adds, laughing. He claims that not everyone was meant to “wake up” in this lifetime, which was absolutely the same thing Morpheus was saying to Neo back in the Matrix in 1999.

Rather than wasting time arguing with folks who aren’t on your wavelength, Adams recommends “planting seeds” and watching them grow at their own pace, as well as focusing your efforts on people who do want help and are seeking guidance on their spiritual path. Trying to force your belief systems, no matter how meaningful they are to you, onto another person is a good way to ruin relationships, and that isn’t exactly enlightened.

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I don’t know, sounds like well-defined boundaries to me. Most people do not enjoy being proselytized to, no matter what flavor of spirituality it is. Meeting people where they are at and not pushing others to do things they aren’t comfortable with is always good advice. 

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