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Protect Yourself From "Energy Vampires" With a Hair Lock

Braid your power in place.

The concept of “energy vampires” has been around for a while, but is especially prevalent now due to the popularity of the television show What We Do in The Shadows, about a group of vampire roommates in Staten Island. Though most of the vampires on this comedy series are the standard, blood-drinking, night-dwelling, undead creatures, one if a seemingly normal looking man named Colin Robinson. He describes himself as an “energy vampire” — a type of paranormal creatures who feeds on humans by telling them massively boring stories and draining their energy.

In real life, people use the term”energy vampire” to refer to those who do what Colin Robinson does without the benefit of magic—just sucking the life out of any situation. But you can use magic to protect yourself against these folks. Here’s how.


This practice is called a “hair lock.” What you do is take a small segment of hair from the underside of your head, and braid it while speaking your intentions to protect your energy. One thing you might say is “My energy is mine to keep. No one can take my energy from me. I am divinely protected. No one has power over me.” Or some variation thereof.

Hair locks have been a viral trend on TikTok’s #witchtok hashtag in recent weeks. In the comments, people talk about how this ritual has helped them.

“So odd… since I was younger whenever I have anxiety I’ve done a small braid like that. It’s soothing,” claims one comment.

“I also braid affirmations into mine,” advises another.

Worth a shot. I know a few energy vampires I’d like to lock out.