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Witchy Mom makes Daughter an “Energy Cleansing Bath” To Help Her Decompress After School

We’re low-key jealous of the daughter.

This mother worries about her empathic teenage daughter becoming too anxious and depressed after a long day at school. Her solution is this energy cleansing bath.


The woman draws a bath, placing a quartz crystal under the running water. She then places what appears to be a lapis lazuli and tiger’s eye under the water. After the crystals are in the water she adds two to three cups of salt, some white flower petals, and finally some orange slices.

This mom claims these baths help remove any negative energy from one’s auric field. She uses a traditional white quartz, although it is also said that a rose quartz can be used to soothe troubled emotions and is known as the stone of unconditional love. Lapis lazuli is a deep blue with flecks of white and gold, like stars sprinkled across the night sky. It is often associated with sleep and dreams, used to bring a calming balance to the unconscious mind. Tiger’s eye is used to increase confidence and courage, as well as gently energizing the recipient. It’s also considered a protective stone to guard against ill wishes and curses. 

Salt has been long thought through folklore traditions to ward off evil and protect from spirits. A salt circle utilizes these properties as a barrier to create a safe zone, and submerging in a salt bath is the most complete way to surround one’s self in that protective bubble. Fresh oranges are used in kitchen magic for happiness and purification. These fruits are considered to be of the sun and are most popularly consumed as juice, but are also often used in healing baths. 

We all have days where we need a nice long soak in a hot bath to ease the stress of the world out of our physical bodies. Incorporating one’s own special blend of bath time infusions can often bring more comfort than pre-mixed commercial options.