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Man ‘Talks’ With Chatty Deceased WW1 Soilder

He seemed to have some pretty clear communication.

EVP or electronic voice phenomena are time-tested ways to communicate with otherworldly presences around us. One method is a “spirit box”, a modified radio which quickly scans through channels, creating a white noise effect that ghosts can supposedly manipulate in order to send their own messages. In a session with a machine like this, the investigator asks questions, then records the machine’s responses, separating the signal from the noise and hopefully cobbling together something that sounds like a conversation.

In this video, a man records an EVP session at the grave of a World War I soldier, and gets the kind of responses that might move even a skeptic to think there’s something more than random radio sounds going on. 


In this video, the radio spits out several moving bits of conversation, including “Do they see me?” “Their eyes were shut…they bled constantly,” and “infantry.” He occasionally sounds as if he’s responding to the investigator’s questions, such as when he specifies that he fought on land and operate a cannon. Other times, however, he sounds like he’s trying to have his own conversation, such as his repeated pleas for “freedom” and descriptions of something “bad… here”. He begs the investigator to stay, saying he’d “almost given up” and “you can save me” before again asking for “freedom.”

As the grave being recorded shows a veteran who died in his seventies in 1959, it seems as if he had a full life well after the war the investigator is discussing, and it leaves me wondering if the horrible things the ghost is supposedly relating are memories from the war… or descriptions of something he’s suffering in the afterlife. 

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