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This Elf on the Shelf Might Actually Be Alive...or Just Possessed

I always thought these things were creepy!
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Despite what my children might believe, the “Elf on a Shelf” phenomenon is not actually a time-honored holiday tradition, but was instead invented as a merchandising juggernaut by a Georgia family in 2005. It took off, however, in no small part to being marketings as a “holiday tradition,” and—thanks to the proliferation of social media posts—grew into a massive part of the holiday for an entire generation of children and their parents, who delight in find new and ever more ridiculous scrapes for that night-creeping spy to get into as it watches over children from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

But, like all dolls, does the Elf on the Shelf have the potential of becoming possessed by an evil spirit? Or, due to its nature as a magical doll that moves around at night all on its own, is that part of the package? What exactly is it that we are bringing into our homes every time we let one of these elves inside?

In the video, an elf on the shelf which has been other cruelly taped to the wall—possibly to prevent this exact kind of shenanigans—appears loosen itself from its bonds, and flop over. Is it clever editing or stop motion photography? Just a natural occurrence of tape loosening and coming unstuck? A deeply bizarre glimpse into how we’ve let this crass commercial enterprise infiltrate our holiday traditions for the sake of social media clout?

Dolls can be creepy. Elf on the Shelf has been seemingly designed to be creepy, Its entire purpose is to spy on your kids. What are we dong here?

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