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Egyptian Mummy Buried in Graveyard in Vermont

That's how you get curses, guys.
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Poor, four thousand year old Egyptian prince Amum-Her-Khepesh-Ef. First, he did at the age of two. Then, his grave was robbed. His mummy was sold to collector namedHenry Sheldon in Middlebury Vermont, where it was transferred to in the late 1800s. However, Sheldon was disappointed in its condition and never put it into his museum. Instead, he stuck it in the attic!

And there it may have remained, were it not for a later curator of the museum, who thought this whole situation was appalling. However, was what he eventually did with the remains any better? Let’s investigate. 


When a curator at the museum discovered the remains in an attic in 1945, he thought it was not an appropriate final resting place for any human, mummified or otherwise. However, given the proximity of the local graveyard to Middlebury college, he was concerned that a whole mummy would be dug up by student pranksters or maybe even grave robbers. Thus, he chose to have the mummified remains cremated in 1950 (fair enough) and then given a “Christian burial” (side-eye) in his family’s own plot.

The gravestone at the West Cemetery in Middlebury reads:

Ashes of Amum-Her-Khepesh-Ef Aged Two Years Son of Sen Woset 3rd King of Egypt and his wife Hathor-Hotpe 1883 BC.

I’m not sure this is what the family of the original Amum-Her-Khepesh-Ef would have wanted for their son, but then again, they had never even heard of Christianity, or Vermont. And I suppose by any measure, it’s better than being shoved away in some attic.