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Grandma Treats Fussy Toddler With Egg Cleanse And Is Shocked By Results

This apparently works!

The brujería or Mesoamerican spiritual practice of egg cleansing, sometimes called la limpia con huevo or just la limpia, is a time-honored tradition to help rid yourself of bad luck, illness, hexes, or even—as in this case—to soothe a fussy baby.

To perform the ritual, you take an egg and rub it all over the person’s body. (Some people, as in this video, combine this ritual with candle lighting, music, crystals or other good luck charms, or essential oils.) This grandmother rubbed the baby all over with olive oil. (Note: baby massage is also a time-honored way to soothe a fussy tot.)


Afterwards, the egg is cracked into a glass of water the safe way to observe the egg that has drawn out your negative energy through the ritual. According to tradition, cloudy, smelly or bloody water after cracking the egg into the glass means there are evil spirits around you. Bubbles means that you have drawn out the evil energy into the egg. Cobwebs or “needles” of yolk drifting out mean that you someone has around you has negative intent toward you or have even placed the “evil eye” on you. And finally, a face in the egg might show you your enemy.

In this case, the egg formed a bubbly net, which she posted several videos of online (despite commenters telling her that looking “down into the egg glass” would reflect the bad energy right up onto herself), which she flushed down the toilet the following day.

Reports are the baby was all cheered up. No word on the rest of the family.