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Woman Notices Strange Perfume After Egg Cleanse And Wants Answers

What's that glorious smell?

The brujería or Mesoamerican spiritual practice of egg cleansing, sometimes called la limpia con huevo or just la limpia, is a time-honored tradition to help rid yourself of bad luck, illness, hexes, etc. To perform the ritual, you take an egg and rub it all over the person’s body. (Some people combine this ritual with candle lighting, music, crystals or other good luck charms, or essential oils.) There’s tons of advice on how to do one online, but performing any kind of spell or ritual should really only be done by someone who understand what they are getting themselves into.

Otherwise, you may be stuck with a response that leaves you baffled.


In this video, a woman claims that ever since her “egg cleanse” that she smells like apples and cinnamon. She says this scent follows her around without the assistance of any perfume, and lingers even after her showers. So, what’s going on?

In the comments, people say it’s everything from visiting ancestor spirits to the goddesses Persephone and Lilith. But the most interesting comments come from a debate between this video’s creator, who is insistent that it’s not “witchcraft” and another commenter, who thinks maybe this lady shouldn’t be messing with stuff she doesn't know about.

“Wait. What? Oomancy is a common practice in most spiritual followings. please don't practice what you don't understand.”

The original poster claims to have gotten her ritual from her mediumship group, and therefore it’s not actually witchcraft.

Meanwhile, witches and brujas everywhere snicker behind their brooms. But hey, good luck with those visiting goddesses and all.