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West Virginia Man Claims To Have Caught Creepy Noises Calling Out From the Woods

We’d run outta those woods so fast.

There are… things in Appalachia. Strange things, supernatural things. The land there is older than bones, and there are happenings that no one can quite explain, and have long since learned to just ignore. Any local will tell you that it remains a place of unfathomable mystery, and the folklore of the region is deep and powerful.

Apparently in Appalachia, there are rules to follow. If you are out in the wilderness and you see something strange, no you didn’t. If you hear something call your name, no you definitely didn’t.

But what to make of these creepy cries, like that of a missing child, that this West Virginia man recently recorded in his back woods?


In this video, taken at night, a man is shining his flashlight around a wooded area. In the background, you can distinctly hear the cry of what sounds like a plaintive child.

“Hi, you….” it sounds like it is calling. “Mommy!”it sobs. “Where are you?”

Talk about terrifying!

The man says he has no idea what could possibly be making that horrific sound, and also claims that it suddenly got super cold here he was standing—so cold you could see his breath on the recording.

So, did he come face to face with an Appalachian folkloric monster?

Not so fast. Other West Virginia residents say it’s nothing paranormal at all, and that what he as really hearing were the unearthly—but entirely quotidian—calls of a bobcat.

What do you think?