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Tree Mysteriously Vanishes Into the Earth

It's difficult to adequately describe how very weird this is.

All seems calm and normal at this beach hut located at the edge of the water, as a woman pans around showing the peaceful view. A slow, low wave washes in with that soothing sound of water over sand, but then the woman holding the camera turns sharply to the large tree as it sinks, suddenly and swiftly disappearing completely below the water that seems far too shallow to even begin to sweep away a whole tree. 

A moment passes where the tree is just gone before the wave washes back out revealing nothing but sand where the tree was just moments ago. Just as you think it can’t get any weirder, a large bare branch pops up out of the still too shallow water a few feet away, as if the earth was spitting out the bones of the tree it just devoured. Just as the video is ending, it manages to get even stranger still when some sort of creature seems to rise up out of the water near the ladder leading up into the hut.

Many commenters fear for the nearby bystanders and the hut on the beach, with some cautioning Atlantis was swallowed by the ocean in a single day and others expressing concern it may have been a water monster pulling the tree down and then heading up the ladder to see what it could find in the beach hut. 

We can’t be sure what is going on in this wild video of a disappearing tree but it could potentially be a sinkhole opening that just happened to coincide with a wave. These underwater sinkholes have been known to swallow trees from lakes or rivers and can occur on beaches as well, so it’s possible that is what is happening right where the water meets the sand.

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