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Woman Experiences Glitch In the Matrix After She Found Identical Earrings on the Street

Two earrings, many miles apart!
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Though the hypothesis that we’re all living in a giant simulation is an ancient one, bandied about in one form or another by philosophers from Plato to Descartes, it has gained traction in recent years, thanks to the computer age. Many famous folks with reputations for deep thought have speculated on the subject, from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Elon Musk. As more and more of the population has become used to the ways of video games, they’ve started to notice freaky video-game style “glitches,” like people moving in eerie unison, objects freezing, colors shifting, and unexpected duplicates.

The affectionate term for occasions such as this is “a glitch in the Matrix” after the series of films in which humanity is, indeed, living inside a simulation. This woman experienced her own glitch in the Matrix when she found two identical earrings, many miles and days apart.

In this video, a woman relays her strange story. She was walking her dog in another part of town and saw a shiny silver earring in the gutter. She picked it up and put it on a post, hoping the person who lost it might spot it. Then, weeks later, in a completely different part of town, she found the matching earring! That’s too wild to be a coincidence, right?

In the comments, people share their own wacky “we’re living in a simulation” moments. One person lost their wedding ring on a beach, then found it again on the same beach, six years later!

But the scariest of these stories is that there is another TikTok video out there of the same thing happening to a different person across the globe—and the same set of earrings.

Okay, programmers. Time to patch this glitch.

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