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Dying Woman Says She See Angels All Around Her

This is so beautiful...

There are many who believe that those near death have a special connection to the unseen world. Talk to any hospice care worker or end-of-life counselor and they will have stories to share with you of the things their clients have said to have seen when the end was near.

For this woman and her mother, who is clearly very ill, this time brings special visitors, visitors that her mother thinks of as angels.


In this video, a woman is caring for her sick mother in their home. A hospital bed has been set up in what looks like their living room. Her mother is lying in the bed, and is having difficulty speaking, but her attention is being held in wondrous rapture by the angels she says she sees floating above her bed. She is quite certain about this, and tells her daughter that she sees four angels hovering over her, even holding up her fingers to confirm it.

Whatever these angels are, neither the camera nor the daughter seem capable of picking it up.

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But that doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

“You may have visitors when it’s your time to go,” says death educator, writer,  and counselor Martha Jo Atkins. “As people come very close to death, they often speak less and start reaching, as if to something or someone. One hand goes up, and then it moves in a symphony of motion. A change often sweeps across the person’s face — sometimes the person’s upper body brightens.”

Whoever these spirits are, they are a welcome sight to a woman who is undergoing a profound experience

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