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Woman Brews Special Witchy Healing Bath For Sore Muscles That She Swears By

The recipe is an old Mexican healing bath.

This woman turns a whole bath into a healing potion for her partner to soak weary muscles. What’s the secret ingredient?


First this woman brings a large pot of water to boil, suggesting moon water for added magical potency, then she adds copious amounts of the secret ingredient: Mexican oregano. Folk medicine says this is good for sore muscles and inflammation, a use passed down her maternal line from her grandmother to her mother to herself.

Once the mixture is broiling, stir clockwise to bring in good health and counter clockwise to expel negative ailments, all while focusing on one’s intentions. Once the boiling has seeped the plant extracts into the water it is time to add it to the bath. She also suggests using reusable teabags for an easy clean up afterward.

Mexican Oregano differs from Italian oregano, although has a reportedly similar base flavor undertone but with citrus notes and a hint of licorice. The two oreganos do not share a family, with Mexican oregano being more closely related to lemon verbena.

This South American spice is also used as tea to relieve cold symptoms as well as digestive issues. Some also claim it has an excellent effect on skin, helping to relieve sores or insect bites and working as a skin revitalizer.

Whether it works medicinally or not, it is also a frequent herb used in many traditional cooking recipes for its unique flavor profile, including the ever popular carne asada.