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Multiple UFOs Captured on Drone Footage in Connecticut

What a lucky shot!
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There are many theories as to why UFO sightings have become more prevalent in recent years. One is that we are coming ever closer to the inevitable alien invasion. Two is that with the government finally releasing their own UFO evidence and opening investigations into the phenomenon, people are more willing to admit that they, too, have seen these unexplained things in the sky. And the third, and most obvious reason is that nowadays, we all walk around with cameras on the phones in our pockets. It’s so much easier now that if you see something, you can film it and then post it on social media.

In this case, it wasn’t a camera phone capturing footage of a UFO, but rather a drone camera being used for a real estate listing. 


In the video, which claims to be drone footage from a real estate agent in Fairfield, Connecticut, his normal shoot of a house listing is photobombed by an unexplained streak across the sky.

When the video is slowed down, there are few more answers available. It’s not a bird, or a bug, but a speedy white… something. In the distance, a few other orbs seem to hovering the shape of a ring.

Orb-shaped UFOs are one of the more popular types that people report seeing, and they often have the quality of appearing in groups, as well as being able to combine and reform into a variety of shapes. Though the video is only a short one, there are few alternate explanations for what the man saw, as the zipping craft moved far faster than drones like his.