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Did This Drone Catch Footage of Bigfoot?

Certainly looks like it...
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By now, most of us have seen various videos of “Bigfoot”. There’s the famous There’s the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film of Bigfoot walking down a slope, the “Independence Day” film of Bigfoot and cub in the forest, and any number of other films, many of questionable provenance and quality, that purport to show everyone’s favorite hairy cryptid lumbering about a forest. Often, you can see the fellow’s sneakers, of the zipper up the back of his suit.

Such imperfections are absent from this viral drone video, that alleges to be accidental footage of a Bigfoot wandering through a snowy forest. Because it’s taken from overhead, there’s no chance to see details of the figure. So what’s really going on?

Though people online are incredibly excited about this video, there are several suspicious things happening in it.

First of all, this drone apparently has a camera sensitive enough to pick up the creatures feet crunching in the snow even louder than wind, the drone blades, or anything else. How is that possible? Is it because whoever is wearing the suit down there is also wearing a microphone? Have the snow crunching sounds been added in afterward? Has the video been sound edited, with the crunching elevated and the other ones blended into the background?

Despite the seeming random nature of this capture, with the “oopsie” of the drone moving faster than the creature, it is a bit random that this video was caught at all, and the way the figure is moving through this forest seems very humanlike. There is not even an attempt at the “lumbering” Bigfoot walk we’re all so familiar with. Does Bigfoot really walk like a human out for a stroll?

Additionally, the animal is moving without noticing the drone right overhead, which is very suspicious. Bigfoot, historically, spooks easily.

So what do you think? Bigfoot, or just a guy dressed up like Chewbacca, out for a stroll with his drone?

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