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Turn Your Dried Orange Garland Into a Spell Charm

If you're going to make one anyway...

You might think you don’t need another orange garland tutorial but this woman has turned a traditional winter decoration into a charm spell so her decorations can serve a magical purpose while sitting around looking pretty. She began this personal tradition with her mother as a nod to the classic novel Little Women. A recipe for the dried citrus slices is included for those who need it, but once the oranges are dried she uses a needle and twine to weave the thread loosely through the different sections into a circular pattern using knot magic to seal her intention. These loose loops of twine are then used to attach a pinecone which has sacred geometry and is associated with protective properties.  

She also uses some twine to make bundles of rosemary, evergreen, and cinnamon sticks. She then attaches these bundles together in a witches ladder style, and with each tie of a knot she adds her intention. She likes to hang these spells in doorways so it blesses and cleanses everybody who walks under it. She also tucks a couple on her tree and saves one to attach to the top of her broomstick.

Properly dried oranges also take on a translucent property that can make them dazzling natural sun catchers to hang in windows for the festive season.

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