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Woman Shares Favorite Dream Interpreting Tip and She Swears By It

It makes sense.

What does that weird dream mean? This woman shares a hot tip for interpreting any dream. She suggests holding the whole story of the dream in your head and then asking yourself what the absolute strangest part of the dream was. She says this is the key to unlocking many dreams because often the weirdest thing is the clue to the new insight your subconscious mind is trying to communicate. These elements of dreams that stand out as the most bizarre can often be a totally new idea that you never would have thought before and need to examine further for this new insight to actualize.  

Taking the strangest element of a dream and shifting that as a metaphor for something in your waking life can give dreams whole new meanings when the comforting and familiar aspects of the dream are removed from examination. This can be especially true for aspects of a dream that are odd even within the context of an already odd dream, and things that really stand out even in the weird shifting dreamscape are where this woman says to focus when beginning dream interpretation.  

Another popular suggestion for those looking to analyze their dreams is to begin keeping a dream journal and recording any dreams or fragments of dreams that you remember as soon as you wake up in the morning. This practice is said to increase one’s ability to remember dreams which in turn increases accuracy of attempts to understand their meanings. 

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