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Woman Visited By "Other Husband" In Dreams, but Now Her IRL Husband Has a Shocking Revelation

Y'all gotta get out.

There is something amiss in this woman’s bedroom. TikToker @desi_seabird has been documenting her experiences with what she describes as her “sleep paralysis dream husband” an entity that she often notices while dozing off or seemingly in sleep. She will see or sense what seems like her husband in her room or even in her bed. Occasionally she will converse with him, thinking she’s just having a chat with her man, only to wake up and realize that she is alone.

Desi has been writing this off as nothing more than unsettling dreams, but recently her husband shared something with her that made her wonder what is really going on in their home. 


In the video, she describes the experience her husband recently shared with her of waiting for her on the bed while she was taking a shower. He was listening to a meditation app when he thought he saw her, or at least a shadow version of her, get out of the shower and stand near him at the foot of the bed. He claims he wondered why she was just standing there instead of joining him and sat up to ask her what she was doing…. And the presence vanished. His wife, as it turned out, was still in the shower.

This is very much in keeping with the kind of experiences Desi has been having herself, thinking that her husband is near her or even in bed with her and then finding out that he was never there at all. The question remains, what is in their bedroom with them, and why is it taking on their shapes?

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