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Why You Dream of Houses

Different houses have different meanings...
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I didn’t use to dream of houses. Then I moved out of my home of more than a decade and into a less-than-ideal apartment arrangement. Now, I dream of houses so often that I’ve eventide it a separate entry on my bullet journal. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out why I have recurring house dreams in my particular case, but I never knew there was so much to the subject. At least, not until I came across this video, which breaks down why people may be dreaming of houses, and what the different houses could mean.

Have you, too, been dreaming of houses? Check out what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

If you dream of a house that you visited a lot as a child, like your childhood house or the house of your grandparents, then you’re trying to address something that happened to you during that period of your life. Something from that period in your life might inform something that is going on in your life now.

If you dream of a house that is not your own, but in the dream it is your own, then it represents a new consciousness or reality that you might be coming into or will soon embody.

If you dream of discovering a new wing in your house, then it is a symbol of getting a new skill or a new aspect of ourselves.

Your home is a reflection of your soul, even in your dreams.

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