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Woman Reveals Her ‘Dream Daughter’ And People Are Sharing Their Own Theories

Perhaps there is a dream realm...

The world of dreams is widely traveled, but little understood. Many say dreams are nothing more than random neuron firings in a restful mind. Others claim that your subconscious is sending you messages in your sleep, working out problems that you are too busy to contemplate while awake. But the most intriguing notion about dreams may be that they are portals to another realm, where one might glimpse the past, the future, or the way things might be in another world entirely.

This woman claims that she dreams that she has a daughter, and that every time she visits with her, the girl is a little bit older. Sweet, right? Well, this next part will break your heart. She says the little girl also asks why she has to leave her every time the woman wakes.


Viewers rushed to this comment section to share stories of their own spiritual pregnancy or “dream children”. Some are prophetic, depicting children that the people actually gave birth to later in life. Others tell sad stories of meeting “dream children” after losing their pregnancies.

For some, this dream has a different meaning entirely. They claim that she’s really dreaming about her “inner child”, and that the dream means there is some big issue from her childhood that she will need to address to move forward. One person, darkly, claims that the woman must have created a “spirit child” with a dark force and that is what she is really dreaming. But most agree that she is dreaming about a child who exists in another realm (calling Wanda Maximoff!), or one who is yet to come into this one.