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What Does It Mean to Dream About Your Crush?

But do you like-like them?

If you’ve dreamt about your crush recently, you might be wondering what it means and experts have a not in anyway surprising answer - it means you’ve been thinking about them a lot. Some experts believe that dreams are the mind’s way of processing information so recurring themes of the waking mind will present in the sleeping mind as well. The waking mind and the dream mind are two entirely different operating systems though, and science does not yet understand precisely how they interact or why we dream at all.  

Modern scientists believe dreams are a function relating to neurophysiology but studies to understand them fully are still ongoing. These scientific revelations of chemical processing lead many to believe dreams are less about processing things from the day and more like cleaning out the temporary storage files on your computer to speed up processing and assimilation of newly gathered data.

What does that say about romantic dreams or dreams featuring a love interest? Other than the obvious, there can be many different aspects of the dream that contribute to what it means to dream about somebody. Things such as what your relationship to them is in the dream, the setting, and how you interact in the intangible dreamscape could change the interpretation of what your subconscious mind was thinking.

More unnervingly is when the brain sends dreams of someone you aren’t crushing on, which can cause a lot of uncomfortable confusion in the waking world. This doesn’t mean you have deep-seated secret desires for them, it could just be your brain mashing things up as it processes them for the dump file.

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