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Man Ties ‘Loc Around GF’s Wrist and Modern Witch Breaks Down Why That’s a Terrible Idea

Love binding is a tricky business.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from the way witchcraft is portrayed in Hollywood movies, it’s that love spells usually backfire. Whether it’s Ron Weasley creating a phalanx of obsessed teenage girls or the ladies in Practical Magic suffering under generations of a love curse, there are some types of magic you have to be very careful with casting. And that is why I agree with this person’s side-eye of the popular TikTok trend depicted in this video.


In the original, a man recommends letting your girlfriend wear one of your dreadlocks as a bracelet. But Tiktok @afro-spiritualist recommends… well, to just not.

“Don’t do this, don’t get any funny ideas,” he advises. He recommends removing that ‘loc right away, and burning it for good measure. “That is love binding,” he points out. And love binding can go downhill fast. It can lead not to love, but instead to an unhealthy obsession.

Love is a mysterious thing, and a good, healthy relationship is a delicate balance. You need mutual affection, attraction, and respect, but you also need boundaries and independence. Magic can mess with these processes and disrupt the proper course of things. The last thing you want is to have someone obsessed with you when you are no longer interested.

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“I’m staying out of it. I’ll see them in a few months when they hire me for a cord cutting,” said one commenter, adding a string of “crying/laughing" emojis. But according to others, the original poster’s relationship has already ended, to which no one is particularly surprised. 

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