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Odd Creatures Appear to Be Lurking in This Person's Drain

What are they?

In the Stephen King short story, “The Moving Finger,” a man is terrorized by a seemingly human finger poking up out of his bathroom sink drain. First published 1990, it exemplifies the author’s ability to take perfectly normal things (trucks, cornfields, runoff drains) and turn them into objects of unspeakable horror. I’ve always been a little suspicious of drains since reading that story, and after seeing this video, I’m about to plug up every sink in my house.

In this video, a close-up on a sink drain, there appear to be things inside, peering up at us through the grate.

So what are this things? The creator of the video calls them “fae” (fairies), likely due to the diminutive size. And in the comments, at least one person says they, too have recording of them hiding in their drains, and theories about what they might be.

Most people, however, call bunk. They think we’re just looking at an array of soap bubbles sliding around each other, or possibly the reflection of the camera lens in the water under the drain. In this case, the only reason we see a face at all is due to pareidolia. Pareidolia is our brain’s unfortunate tendency to create faces and or bodies out of inanimate objects. We ike to create order out of chaos, but sometimes it results in us seeing things that aren’t entirely there.

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