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Paranormal Investigators Use Dowsing Rods in the Infamous Lotz House of Franklin, Tennessee

What is moving those rods?

A paranormal investigation in Lotz House of Franklin, Tennessee included the use of dowsing rods to facilitate communication with the spirits that are supposedly haunting the location.  The home is now a historical site which was once the “ground zero” of one of the most pivotal battles in the American Civil War. And is also believed to be the home of several spiritual entities.

The woman performing the dowsing has two rods, one for each hand. The “handles” of the rods are more like holders that allow them to rotate freely without control by the hands holding them. She starts by standing near one of the museum displays and asking the spirit if it had any connection to the postal system in Robertson county. Her hands stay still but the rods move, which she believes indicates a yes.  

The camera man demonstrates the way the dowsing rods work and the woman asks the spirit to cross the bars if it is still there with them. The rods seem to move on their own and cross. They ask the ghost, who they believe to be the spirit of a man named Mr. Burns, if he had ever been to the Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs. The rods stay steadfastly still as they ask in different ways about this nearby landmark. They ask him if he can travel around the library and the rods quickly cross again.

Next they ask if there are any other spirits in the room and the bars cross together again. They ask that ghost to come forward and part the bars again if it would like to speak. It parts the bars, but fails to respond to any of their further questions.

A simple dowsing tool can be created at home with a pendulum, a simple object looped through a chain or string will work for simple yes or no questions. More detailed answers will require a more detailed device. A pendulum should weigh a little less than an ounce and be attached to a chain between four and eight inches in length. The yes and no answers can be interpreted by the movement of the pendulum in vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or circles.  

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