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Popular TikTok Psychic Explains The Truth Behind Dowsing

His grandfather practiced this ancient technique.
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Dowsing is an ancient method of divination in which practitioners would use special sticks in order to search for water, ore, buried treasure, or other underground goodies. Depending on the methodology, dowsers would use a Y-shaped twig or else two separate sticks and divine, based on the movement of the stick or sticks, what was going on under the ground. The work was called by any number of names, including “water witching” and (my personal favorite) doodlebugging.

In this video, popular TikTok psychic “the LightSeer” talks about this ancient practice.


“My grandfather was a really well known water dowser,” he explains. “He would travel everywhere dowsing for water. He could tell you how far to drill, where it was, where the reservoir was and where the water was coming from or more.”

But, when the LightSeer’s grandfather attempted to teach him the trade, things didn’t go as expected. The rods did not work at all for the young psychic, an event which baffled his learned grandpa.

“He was so country he didn’t know what was happening. His response was, ‘Either it works for you or it doesn’t.’”

But, he goes on to explain, he has since learned that the rods were just the way his grandfather had learned to channel his own spiritual energy and his own method of divination. This man’s ancestor thought his gift was water dowsing using the rods, but the gift could have been developed in any number of ways.

Different psychics are able to channel their gifts in different ways, the man explains. The method this fellow seems to have chosen is TikTok, because unlike his grandfather, he lives in the era where tech is king.

But water is still life.