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Doorbell Camera Catches Shadow Man Disappearing Into Thin Air

Was he ever there at all?

Watch carefully with this one. Blink and you might miss it.

A family coming home one night did nothing that anything was amiss when their doorbell camera activated as they stood on the porch and unlocked their own front door. It was only later, while reviewing the footage from their doorbell camera, that they realized something funny was going on behind them.


In the video, a woman and what appears to be her daughter are walking through their yard in the dark. One even carries a flashlight. They approach their front porch and the mom goes to unlock the front door, when she notices a man on the street out in front of them. Though the audio is difficult to make out, it almost sounds like she says the man’s name, Jose, as if identifying him for her child, before they continue on into the house.

The camera, already activated, keeps recording as the man crosses the street in front of their house, passes between a red pickup truck that is parked there and their front gate, then vanishes into thin air!

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So what happened? Was this person really a neighbor, or merely an apparition that they took to be nothing more than a man walking home?

The most likely explanation is that the “disappearance” is an artifact of the type of storage these doorbell cameras use. The same buffer is used over and over again, and as the cameras are designed to capture things near the house, instead of all the way across the yard in the street, it’s possible that a man walking in shadow in the night was not enough to overcome the buffered recording of the empty street, making him look a little transparent.

Guess it was just Jose.

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