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Security Camera Captures Door Slamming While No One Is Home

You better pay some bills if you’re going to be slamming doors like you own the place.

You’d think there are better things to do with an eternal afterlife than slam doors, especially when no one except for a cat is around to hear it. But that is apparently what the ghost who haunts this particular house is up to, at least according to this video.


In the video, which is deceptively looped, so watch closely to see what exactly is happening, a door slams in a seemingly empty house. As it pulls open again, a cat peeks out from behind the edge of the stairs, warily curious to see what is going on.

But what is going on? Frankly, there’s not enough context to tell. The door seems to slam and open again, at least, based on the movements of the cat. But it also could be played in reverse, as many horror videos are to up the creep factor.

People in comments are not impressed. Several point out that if something truly freaky were going on, the cat would be acting far more worried. Others argue that as cat always walk with one paw in the spirit world anyway, they don’t think of ghosts as any big deal.

Um, these are the same animals that jump at the sight of cucumbers, right?

One commenter says that this house is the set from the film Paranormal Activity, and though there are some similarities (the arched doorways, the wrought iron stair railings), both the layout, the shape of the staircase, and the placement and cabinets of the kitchen are different from that very real San Diego house that was the set of that spooky film.