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Texas Man Films Creepy Paranormal Activity In Parents' House

He says the house has always been haunted.

I imagine that growing up in a haunted house would give you some perspective on the entire ghost issue. Like Lydia Deetz in the beloved movie Beetlejuice, you may eventually come to think of the residents ghosts almost like roommates—the vaguely creepy kind that lurk in hallways and come into rooms without knocking. Nd if you, like the gentleman in this video, eventually move away and only come to visit from time to time with your own offspring, it stands to reasons that the resident ghosts might want to play.

That’s probably what is happening in this video. Just some lonely ghosts looking for a reunion.


In the video, a doorknob is seen operating a door and opening it into the room where a man and his daughter are. They are visiting his parents’ home in Laredo, Texas, a house he claims was haunted throughout his childhood.

“I really hate this house,” he says in the video, while his young daughter points out, helpfully, that someone opened the door.

He says that they all have come to accept that there are two child spirits attached to the place, a little boy and a little girl, neither of whom mean the family any harm, though they occasionally scare them by their mere presence.

Viewers say they sense the presence of spirits, and even hear something whispering the words “stay” “play” and “house.”

Maybe there are children spirits here, and they are either happy to see their old friend returning to hang out with them, or are eager to make playmates out of the next generation.