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West Virginia Woman Explains Why You Shouldn't Follow the "Tree Trend" on TikTok

What are you really getting in touch with?

When it comes to advice about the world of the supernatural, I tend to go with whatever the folks from Appalachia have to say on the matter. There’s something strange about those ancient mountains, something old, and dark, and completely unknown. There are many legends that arise from the folklore in this area, and many best practices and “rules” that the people from the mountains know to follow to stay on the good side of the unseen world. A recent TikTok trend involves standing near a tree and asking it to touch you, but this Appalachian expert is here to tell you why that might not be the best idea in the world.


In this video, TikToker April Edwards, who hails from the Ohio River Valley, quickly reviews the “tree trend” in which you go out to your yard, greet your tree, and then ask it to touch you. Often, almost as if by magic, the trees branches will bend toward you for a quick caress.

“That’s not the tree, that’s the fae,” Edwards insists. “And you don’t want to mess with the fae.” Apparently, the way the “tree trend” is worded, you are asking the fae for a favor (i.e., for the tree to bend your way”) and then “thanking them” for complying. This puts you in their debt.

Edwards goes on to explain that she’s a huge environmentalist and “hippie”, but she’s pretty sure that there are better ways to bond with the spirits of the trees in your garden than inviting a connection with fairies, who can be meddlesome, dangerous, and and certainly very tricky. She recommends grounding and meditation with the plants in your garden as a bonding exercise instead. Unless, of course, you want to open that mystical door. 

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