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Someone is Nailing Dolls To the Trees All Over the Woods in England

And no one knows why.

Dolls have had a place in magic working for as long as the art existed. Though most people are aware of the malevolent effect of so-called “voo doo dolls”, the use of human effigies, sometimes called poppets, is a popular form of magic working across many different cultural traditions. Some poppets are used to harm the person they represent, but others are used to protect that person.

But what to think of the collection of dolls nailed to trees all over the English countryside. In 2021, a woman in Staffordshire made worldwide news when she found dozens of eerie, broken dolls nailed to trees in the wilderness outside an old war hospital. And then, this past spring, still more dolls were discovered by a hiker and her son, these placed far up in the trees, so that they might be undetected by most passers-by. 


In the video, a mother and son shine a “torch” (i.e., flashlight) up into a tree to reveal the dangling, dirty bodies of several dolls nailed to a tree. The lowest of these dolls was positioned above the head of most humans, and several are fixed high up in the trees, indicating that whoever put them there had either climbed into the tree or had a ladder. The woman claims that although she has been walking through these woods for years, she has never seen anything like it before, and has no idea what this could mean. Perhaps it is a copycat installation, given how popular the one found in 2021 was, or perhaps whoever is creating these items has found a new tree to decorate with their mysterious and sinister art. 

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