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This Child's Grave in Indiana is Not a Toy

Even if it looks like one.

Some people have gotten very creative with their memorials to the dead. Maybe they’ve designed a gravestone that looks like a board game, or one with a secret, hidden message. Maybe the grave also serves as a safety measure, such as preventing people from entering the deadly cave where the people entombed met their unfortunate end.

This grave marker is different, having been made from a toy that the girl it memorializes loved during her life. 


In 1902, a little girl was born in Indiana with a serious medical condition that made her unable to walk or even sit on her own. Thus confined, she had little joy in her life aside from the large dollhouse that her father constructed for her to play with. The house had no door and only large windows. Unfortunately, Cline died at the age of six, and to remember her, her family put the dollhouse at her gravesite. When her mother died in 1945, her father briefly considered demolishing the dollhouse and putting up a stone monument instead, but was persuaded otherwise, as the site had become something of a fixture at the cemetery. Instead, both Lova’s body and the dollhouse were moved to the permanent resting place of her mother in another cemetery, and that is where the entire family is interred today.

What is most interesting about this story is that not only is this not the only “dollhouse” grave, it’s not even the only one in Indiana! There was quite a trend in making these things for little girls around the turn of the century who lost their lives too soon.