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Witch Proves You Can Make a Sacred Space or Altar From the Dollar Store

The entities you are working with do not really care about the material cost of things.

The popular ideas about witchcraft is that it’s some rarefied arcane art that requires exotic ingredients and expensive crystals and cauldrons. But it's important to remember that most traditions were formed by ordinary people with few resources, and thus supplies can be basic and homey. In fact you can pick up a lot of what you need to start your craft at thrift shops, supermarkets, and even dollar stores. 


In this video, a witch demonstrates how easy and inexpensive it can be to stock up on supplies for your craft. The Dollar Tree, for example, has a wide variety of items that you can incorporate into your practice. A few examples:

* Tiny wire easels made for business cards: can be utilized for displaying tarot cards or oracle cards on a sacred altar.

* Glass bottles with cork stoppers: can be used for tiny spell jars or to hold and display raw ingredients.

* Spare scrabble pieces: cheaper than buying the whole game and excellent for divination work or the creation of charms.

* Real seashells: wonderful for spell work focused on feminine energy or creative flow.

* Wooden animal cutouts: they can be painted with intention to invoke the spirit of the creature depicted.

* A variety of glass jars and bottles: for spell work, collections, or even candle making.

* Seasonal decorative bowls: to hold water, salt, or spell bowls on your altar. They are inexpensive and so easy to collect several and change it out according to the season.

* Salt shakers: Fill with salt or herbs and keep in your home or car for its protective and purifying properties.

Do magic and stay under budget!