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Dog Warns of Invisible Entity Standing Behind Door

Keep barking, good girl!

What would we do without dogs? Our canine companions are there to comfort us, to amuse us, to love us, and, on occasion, to protect us. But whether their warning growls and barks come because there is a shady character sneaking around your house in the middle of the middle of the night or just a curtain that is swaying in the breeze, the pups are there to growl for our benefit.

And that goes for when the intruder is something from the unseen world, as well. In this video, a dog is none too happy when something invisible opens a locked door in their backyard shed.


In the video, the woman filming claims her dog began to bark after a locked shed door suddenly flew open in their backyard. “There is literally no way that door opened by itself,” she claims in the video. “It has a keypad lock on it.”

The dog moves closer, barking all the time, and the woman, too, ventures forward, though she wisely chooses to stay behind her protective canine.

“Where are you going?” She asks the dog when he goes to look behind the door. “Don’t leave me!”

The dog briefly investigates, but something startles the animal and she shies away from the door again.

“Why did you just jump like that?” She asks, as the dog approaches the door again, her pose wary, as if she is tentatively approaching an unknown but not unfriendly person.

However, at no point does the woman in the video show us what—if anything—lies behind that door.