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Family Captures Scary Activity After Dog Tries To Warn Family About Noises Downstairs

"We should have listened to the dog and not gone downstairs."

They often say babies and animals can lift the ethereal veil that separates the living world from the spirit one. Be it their innocence or the fact that they just don't have as many socially constructed barriers on them, they tend to feel and even occasionally see the otherwise inexplicable. The worst part about that is that neither babies or dogs can properly communicate what they are seeing, which means we sometimes just walk blindly into a paranormal issue.

One family regretted not heeding their German shepherd's warnings of not going downstairs. In the beginning of this terrifying video, we see the dog anxiously whining and blocking the family's path to descend the stairs. 


At first everything appears to be in order, but off camera we hear a loud crash. When they went to investigate they saw their kitchen and it looked like a tornado passed through it. As they were surveying the damage in the kitchen, the under the sink cabinets slam shut and you can hear the family scream and run out of the kitchen.

TikTokers swore they saw orbs flying around on the camera before even entering the "haunted" area, and several agreed that the dog's fear was the only indication they need. 

As the narrator of the video explained, he said he'd forget the keys and just run out of there, taking that poor scared pupper with them. Hopefully this family can reclaim their home from the negative energy.