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Child Playing with Dog is Shocked When It Vanishes into Thin Air

Can puppies teleport?

When a dog gets the “zoomies,” watch out! They can go from a normally paced run to one that seems to defy the laws of physics. But this video seems to show something far more supernatural than the simple exuberance of a playful pup. 


In the video, a child and a dog run across a yard. The dog, excited, leaps high into the air, then immediately vanishes, only to appear a few moments later coming from another direction entirely, and looking pretty confused about it, to be honest.

The child is no less confused. What just happened. Was there a rip in the fabric of space/time? A portal between dimensions? Or did the dog learn to teleport?

It’s not clear in the video, but I can’t get over that puppy’s confused little face. It goes from leaping several feet in the air like some kind of canine kangaroo to a slow trot, utterly baffled as to where it is or where it came from.

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Commenters claim this is just another case of trick photography, which is common enough on TikTok, but I’ve watched the clip multiple times, trying to suss out the seams, and I still haven’t figured out how they did it. If it is a trick, perhaps it happens when the dog and child pass behind the tree visible on screen.

But congratulations are certainly in order. Either the person who took this video is great with special effects, or they have a teleporting dog. A real win, either way. 

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